$BEE coin

The official coin of the Metabeezz ecosystem

About the $BEE Coin

$BEE is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency that raises awareness and protects bees. Operating on the ETH blockchain, each $BEE coin represents a bee, highlighting their significance. Bees are crucial for pollination, biodiversity, and food production. $BEE allows investment in bee preservation, habitat protection, and awareness. Holders drive environmental activism, funding research and sustainable practices. Join a global community committed to bee conservation. $BEE inspires change, partnering with environmentalists for a thriving future. Together, we protect bees, ecosystems, and our planet.There are approximately 2 Billion Bees world wide so we will release 1 $BEE Coin for each bee flying through our realms .$BEE a part of it!

Metabeezz Project

It all started more than a year ago with the idea to contribute to society and help the bee population from all over the world, because the total number of bees is in fast decline with a significant decrease in the last couple of years. It got to the point where we need to take action and start helping the bee population as soon as possible because they play an essential role in our ecosystem. Bees are important for human kind for several reasons:Pollination,Food Production,Biodiversity, Economic and Environmental benefits. We are building the METABEEZZ ecosystem to tackle this crisis, increase the bee population and raise awareness on this delicate issue, by combining the benefits of the blockchain technology and NFTs with real life businesses and organizations. Our project is committed to promote sustainable and ethical practices in our business operations through our NFT Project and Gaming project on witch our team is working more then a year now to bring you the next level NFT and Gaming experience made on Blockchain. As part of this commitment, we are exploring the possibility of forming partnerships with local apiculturists to source very rare types of Honey used for different types of health benefits , this is something that was never done before in this industry. 


Project Development 30%


Team 15%


Liquidity 30%


Marketing 15%


Cex and others 10%



Phase 1


Launch METABEEZZ Wallet and the main website.Q4 2023

Phase 2


 Release the Metabeezz $BEE Coin and enable the staking feature for holders. Q2 2024

Phase 3


 NFT introduction and Marketplace  Q3 2024

Phase 4


Metabeezz honey harvesting game release. Expanding our brand in real life. Q1-Q3 2025